How do we help you increase the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns by up to 75%?

Consistent workflow

Easily plan SEO campaigns, create clear work procedures with publishers and copywriters, strictly respect the publication calendar.


At a glance, check active articles, errors, links and anchors, quality of backlinks, status of tasks, evolution of keywords, competitors.

Accurate reporting

Manually or automatically generate internal work reports or your clients. You view them easily and make the best SEO decisions for your customers.


Dashboard SeoCamp​

The platform's control panel is interactive, presented in the form of graphs, and well-structured to allow for easy and quick visualization of issues, ongoing or completed tasks, keyword trends, and overall statistics related to campaigns, keywords, and publishers.

Ongoing tasks.

The calendar section allows you to quickly and easily view overdue tasks (highlighted in red) and completed tasks (highlighted in green).

Articles management.

In the Dashboard, you can observe both the articles in progress and the articles that have been completed (published or scheduled).

Top Publishers & Websites

You can see which publishers you have ordered more articles from and on which websites you have posted more during a specific period.

Problems articles

Easily identify any problem. We periodically check that the articles are active and that the anchors and links remain unchanged.

Author account issues

For each separate campaign, you can view the proportion of anchors, links and websites, as well as any problems.

Delay in publication

Here are listed the possible tasks with problems to be solved, articles that were not published for various reasons.

Evolution of SERP campaigns

It monitors the evolution of key phrases in SEO campaigns taking into account published SEO articles and advertorials.

Websites & Publishers

In this mode, you can enter all the collaborating publishers, the websites from each one's portfolio, as well as the purchase prices related to the articles.

Add websites

Add or import the websites you choose to collaborate with. The import can be done in bulk or via csv.

Authority check DA

Once a month we check the authority of the websites registered in the platform (Moz), so that you can easily choose the websites you publish.


The sites are divided into several categories, which helps you filter and sort the tasks of each campaign more easily.

Publication prices

You can add publication offers for normal content or adult content, in Euro, USD or RON, the conversion being automatic.

Different offers

Because sites can have offers from several publishers, the platform selects the lowest offer for publication.

Publication methods

There are 3 methods for publishing articles: via email, automatically via wp (author account) or directly manually.

Filtering sites

Poţi ordona site-urile în funcţie de categorie, publisheri, autoritate, conţinut (care poate fi normal sau din sfera adult).

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SEO campaigns

From this main module you can view the ongoing campaigns. Then, you can add new campaigns and publish articles manually, automatically or by email. You can add new backlinks and access the task calendar.

Campaign planning

You choose the sites where the articles will be posted, select the date when the tasks must be completed and upload the necessary articles.

Add articles

To add an article to the platform for later publication, you can upload a word file or a Google Drive link.

Publishing articles

Depending on the procedure for working with publishers, you can send the article by email or publish it automatically in wp on the selected date.

Backlink check

Periodically, the platform automatically checks the validity of the articles and whether the anchors, links and rels have remained unchanged.

Link statistics

No more flipping through Excels. Here you can easily see the statistics of the links placed: naked, branded, random, keyword, without anchor texts.

Import links

You have the possibility to import, either in bulk or via csv file, the articles already published to monitor them easily.

Keyword monitoring

It has never been easier to be able to monitor the keywords related to each campaign, in relation to the published articles.

Planning Tasks

A major advantage of the platform is that it allows you to easily plan and manage hundreds of tasks that are part of the SEO article publishing procedure. In this way, you are sure that nothing slips through your fingers. You know at any time if the tasks have been completed successfully or if there is a problem with their solution and you need to intervene.

Partner publishers

In this popup you choose to publish an article. See only the sites for which you have added the price offer and with which you collaborate.

Website filtering

You can filter the sites by category, type, authority range, special conditions, publisher, price ranges

Highlighting the sites used

Sites where you have already posted articles are highlighted in yellow. Each one shows the anchor and the link used.

Preţuri content sensibil

For campaigns with adult articles, only offers from publishers that accept sensitive content are automatically filtered.

Selecting the lowest price

If a site is offered by several publishers, the platform helps you choose the publisher with the lowest price.

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Keyword monitoring

Periodic keyword checking is an ongoing SEO process, and the SeoCamp platform is set to run this check once every 7 days. You can easily analyze and export SERP positions.

Location: Country & City

Are you running local SEO campaigns? With SeoCamp you can check the position of key phrases in any country and city.

Search engine

You have at your disposal the most popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The language of the search engine

You can start searches in your preferred language. Try Romanian, English, French, Hungarian and others.

Desktop and Mobile

The verification of key phrases can be done depending on the type of device selected: desktop or mobile.

Data Retention

We store all information in the application for up to 12 months. Of course, you can export the data and keep it as long as you want.

SERP Competitors

Know your competitors to surpass them. With SeoCamp you see any important movement of the competition and how your campaigns evolve. We automatically generate Top 100 keyword ranking results.

Top 100 results

We display and save (for 12 months) the top 100 results for the searched word, the domain and the ranking page.

Ranking evolution

We highlight the ranking evolution, over several days, of the field of interest (promoted campaign).

CSV / PDF export

We export the ranking in csv or pdf format. You can save the file or send it as a monthly report to the client.


You can select certain days from the last 12 months for which you want to see the top 100 keyword rankings.

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SeoCamp helps you quickly and easily draw up reports with lists of published articles and the evolution of keywords set per campaign.

Generating reports

Monthly reports with published articles and the evolution of key phrases can be generated manually or automatically.

Date range

You can choose the desired interval for generating the report. For example: 1 - 15 of the month, 1-31 of the month or 1 Jan - 31 Dec.

Generate PDF or CSV

All reports can be generated in PDF or CSV format depending on the need and preferences.

Filters and options

You determine what each general report looks like because you can choose what to display and what not.

Send automatically or manually

The reports can be sent manually, but to save time, you can choose to send them automatically by email, on a certain date.

Plans & Pricing

Get clarity with minimal investment

When planning, implementing and monitoring Off Page SEO campaigns you have confidence in management, you save time and avoid problems. You have peace of mind and you keep your customers almost for the long term.

  • Whitelabel reports - With your agency name
  • Check up to 2000 links/campaign
  • Monitoring 40 keywords / weekly
  • Top 100 competitors for each keyword
  • Platform Users - Unlimited
  • Publishers, Websites, Offers - Unlimited
  • Installation on own domain/subdomain
  • Permanent support: email, chat, phone

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